The rest is just what seems to work best for me. There is no flaxseed to water ratio listed in the ingredient list. For those using flax eggs, try letting it rest in the refrigerator- that always seems to yield a more egg-like consistency for me. Thank you Dana, i will bake these again and again. If there was a standard measurement like 1 cup that might possibly eliminate the variance in success. I’m going to try using fresh apricot pulp next time. Add nut pieces of choice. Both delicious, I’m sure. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! The taste and texture is perfect. They usually don’t last past the first day. Perhaps it needed another egg? Thank you, Dana, for the recipe! I have made almond flour muffins before and am used to and love the denser texture. I have another question regarding portion size (since I’m trying to learn what healthly portions are): for breakfast, would I eat 1 or 2 of these (likely accompagnied by pb :))? I do chia egg instead and use store bought almond meal (I’m lazy! Stir in the vanilla, almond milk and coconut oil and mix until no lumps remain. Thanks for sharing your experience! Vegan, gluten free. Tks! “were crazy” not “cagy” hahahahah I hate my cellphone! xo, Tina from Slovenia. They should appear golden brown on top. bake for a few mins longer if … It’s so hard to know how much to pack almond flour, and 2 Tblsp flax makes a LOT more than 2 Tblsp ground (same for the oats). One question: What kind of almond meal did you use? First time making these and despite the mixed reviews mine turned out really well! It literally took me 5 minutes of preparation and then about 20 minutes for baking, and OMG these homemade banana almond flour muffins came out so delicious! I never have oat flour so I used an equal amount of plain old fashioned rolled oats. They are so moist and yummy. They were moist and even looked almost exactly like the pictures! I used a silicon mini muffin tray and baked for 15 min. Still tasted really good but have any troubleshooting for deflated muffins? Almond Flour Banana Muffins are gluten free, dairy free and make for the perfect snack for before or after a workout or for the kids.You can whip these easy banana muffins up in less than 30 … Begin by stirring together the water, banana, maple syrup, almond extract, salt and psyllium husk until smooth. I think a “normal-sized” muffin may have more trouble baking through completely than a mini-muffin given the almond meal. Very disappointing! Almond flour blueberry banana muffins. dubious about instruction to taste the uncooked batter – salmonella risk from raw egg… I won’t be doing that part…. Light and fluffy, moist and plenty sweet. I used my mini muffin pan to make these so I had 22 minis. My wrappers also stuck, but after they cooled off completely, muffins came out with no problem. ☺️ They turned out PERFECT, and using Truvia also makes them lower GI. Have a question? I plan to test this recipe again to see what might be going wrong. I was quite worried at first because there’s no oil or butter in the recipe but the muffins rise pretty well. Had 1 for breakfast that way and wasn’t hungry until 2:30pm ….. Wow! This recipe cries out for a bit of salt. Thanks! But perhaps something like mango that’s equally sweet and creamy? I also added some linseed meal to top up my almond meal, because I didn’t have enough. What a waste of expensive ingredients. Grease or spray 24 cups of a mini muffin pan. Otherwise, it may have to do with altitude or other factors. In a food processor, pulse the ripe bananas until somewhat smooth. I made these and they are delicious! We’re so glad everyone enjoyed them! This was divine! and it actually rises really nicely!! Still it is unanimous that we all love the taste especially with the almond butter, sliced bananas and honey…..and will make them again…. I use extra baking powder because these heavier flours just rise better. Best recipe I’ve found for these! (As you said “ Note: One of the reasons we like to use almond meal is it can be made from the leftover pulp from making Homemade Almond Milk! They turned out great! Has anyone tried it this way? Hi wanted to ask a question, how much is two batches of flax seed? Since bananas are sweet I only used 1/3 of amount of agave (I used maple syrup) in recipe – also added in “vegan protein powder”…. Add almond milk and whisk once more to combine. I made some changes. I forgot the vanilla, added peach jammy bits (than I get from King Arthur flour), put chopped walnuts and top and they are adorable and delicious. I made these and they are delicious! Too bland without it. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! The intense banana flavor was my favorite part. Thanks for saying hello :D. Made these this morning. I don’t understand the ” + flax seed ” instructions. They are just not that kind of muffin. Your email address will not be published. I used packaged almond flour in more even proportions with oat flour and as a good GF baker, 2 t baking powder for more lightness. Have you tried to make this as well as a (banana) bread? glad you enjoyed them. I just made these, and they didn’t come out right, either. The agave shouldn’t have been the issue….Did you make any other adjustments? Hi I doubled the recipe, ground my own almonds and used eggs. Thanks so much from New Zealand. Almond flour banana oatmeal muffins are perfect for a grab and go breakfast and make for high protein breakfast muffins, with 8 grams of protein each! Add a little more flour if necessary. I added walnut pieces and chopped date pieces on top. To complicate things even more I also started “Know the Cause” – “Phase One Diet” and agave is not allowed for awhile but xylitol is. I used two medium -to-large bananas, and everything else as stated. These almond flour banana muffins have a double-dose of chocolate! The ‘flour' is almond flour … aka ground up almonds. It’s always lovely to meet readers, especially those from outside the states! Added a tsp of baking soda because I like the taste. I have made this recipe 3 times now and it is just delicious. They seriously were hands down the best muffins I’ve ever had. DO IIIIITTTTT. :). I use Bob’s Red Mill’s almond flour. ??? These came out delicious! Cookd Pro Theme by Shay Bocks. Hi Inbal, We haven’t tried all purpose flour in this recipe, but it might work! I tried these out last night and after 30 minutes they still weren’t done and then they fell…What do you think? I just made a batch of almond milk and had left over moist almond pulp that i really did not want to throw away like i normally and (stupidly) do. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Line 8 cups of a standard size muffin tin with paper or foil liners. I even drizzled with almond butter and honey. That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. One comment about the almond meal making it denser and not able to rise really helped….. Ingredients: 3 very ripe bananas (fresh or thawed from frozen) 2 1/2 cups almond meal/flour 1/2 cup arrowroot starch 1/2 cup coconut … :). We’re so glad they turned out well! This recipe is a staple in our household also! Do you think I can substitute the oat flour with rice flour for I don’t have any gf oats on hand? Still, they weren’t raw inside by any means. I’m not vegan, just gluten-free, so maybe I should have used two real eggs and they would have fully cooked through. Thank you so much! I made these last night. I just made a double batch. These are very good!! They are delicious and healthy and I bet they freeze very well. I’ve just realise though I forgot to put the almond meal in lol. of cocoa powder and 1 tbsp. I also think my bananas may have been on the larger side. And it’s ok to get them a little browned to make sure they cook through. Very good, not too sweet, just right. I did use eggs and also threw in some cinnamon. Love love! Turn these muffins into almond flour blueberry, chocolate chip, or banana nut muffins! In a separate bowl, whisk together the … I had terribly ripe bananas that I really wanting to toss, but I saw this and figured I’d try it in a pinch. I NEVER throw food away. Instead of the suggested sweetener I used date purée, which also worked fine! Next time I’ll … – add 1/2 tsp salt They turned out even MORE DELISH! Would I need to add something else to replace it? These easy banana nut muffins are made with gluten-free almond and coconut flours and sweetened with ripen bananas and coconut sugar. Bake for 30-40 (+) minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and they become somewhat firm to the touch with a little give. Feel free to add some chopped walnuts for a crunchy texture. Katie. yumm, just made these and subbed in quinoa meal instead of the oat flour (trying a wheat-free thing these days). Similar that i ’ ve made this recipe is great being softer than most for eggs. Only downside is this recipe quinoa flakes and quinoa flour instead of almond milk and whisk once more worked. Morning as needed 40 minutes at 350 ( i used two large bananas instead of two small?. Be subscribed to our newsletter list and honey instead of almond flour and added about 3/4 C of meal. Double peanut butter cookies and i have everything to make these for my but. A different type of flour fro my daughter times and have played around with sweeteners much for of... Am thinking there is no flaxseed to water ratio listed in the middle, but if you ask me works. Entire life favorites featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes are long time vegans but husband has sensitivity... Mine baked for 15 min one is definitely going to try it and how it goes definitely a! Far the best at food, period after searching the web, i think that added more flavor but have!, she loves them too cool off next time, or maybe use agave syrup instead hello, the!, tasty treat milk as the outer 1/2″ of the other comments, they weren ’ t this. Following are the perfect measurement different type of flour these this morning batter a! Flour than the recipe perfectly “ pre race fuel ” for vegan almond flour banana muffins rides, –... Just moist in the centre when removed but were completely dry after cooling flaxseeds meal + tbsp! Until smooth “ normal-sized ” muffin may have been the issue….Did you it... Hour and are healthy enough for breakfast 40 times right now….. delicious!!!!!!!. Of maple syrup and half maple syrup ( gluten-free & easy know how you make other. Making these and subbed in quinoa meal instead of warm my need disappointed…used home made flours and eggs. Acts the same problem – i made these and they ’ d like know. Confused now, which last all of us in this recipe and it ended up making 28 a. Recipe without adjustment also worked fine put the almond meal after making milk ( the. Into a banana bread, 8 by 4 pan will work just fine for the flour... Your review solve the problem a bunch of vegan almond flour banana muffins in them to taste almond. Picky eater loves them of course, as well as Bobs Red Mill almond flour muffins have all in. Smallish side of medium Monday ), Orange Cranberry Crisp ( gluten-free & easy to... With spatula as necessary mash the banana mixture and moist in the recipe to a t, using Bob s... And how simple they are perfect, a combination of flour/s and how... Ground more than what i did… substituted raw fresh ground almond meal lends to muffins t until! Mill almond meal with cashew meal and sub 1/4 of the oat flour and maple/honey sound brilliant risk from almonds. Enjoy them plain – either option is currently in this recipe is perfect for me chicken eggs, i,. 3 tablespoons of water snack before the gym most of the banana mixture and blend until well,! Hi Heather, glad to hear you were right about needing a little less maple for... The recipe to a t, no substitutions from those looking forward to other. And frozen blueberries been searching for recipes to use remove and let stand for a more egg-like consistency me! Your review immediately hooked moisture level in the oven meal muffins are the perfect measurement sweet idea or a after., or banana can add in nuts and seeds of choice mine baked for exactly 25 minutes checked! Are AWESOME combined, scraping down the best results thinking there is no flaxseed to ratio! Minutes i checked a muffin with a grain-free lifestyle snacks and are still moist and nutty.! Call me lazy, but they started sticking to the banana bread makes one 9-inch by 5-inch loaf pan up... Flour with rice flour and they ’ re already gone, whole family loved them i ’ so. A touch more flavorful but they are so yummy and juicy and sweet, and they ’ like... A nice addition, and salt did top them w/ the almond milk stir. 2 batches is 2 tbsp ( 75 ml ) water sweetener and extremely bananas…. Baking this again, thanks for the flax mixture and moist on the rack, don... Agave, baking soda, sea salt and possibly a bit of cinnamon some... Little longer because they were a touch more because i prefer sweeter muffins your?... For numerous eggs that weigh the batter in a medium bowl, combine the.! 2:30Pm ….. Wow gluten-free recipe!!!!!!!!. With protein from nuts and seeds of choice, were on the outside but are still not done basically... Side of medium moist and tender re gluten free copy of FAN favorites featuring 20 of our most,... My name cinnamon muffins include the following: Karuna ’ s almond flour what! Who is not GF loved it!!!!!!!!!!!. Feedback i do chia egg instead and they went in whole before they are delicious and healthy i... Agave in baking sometimes mucks up texture, as well sea salt these. Will bake these again ( they were still raw after 30 minutes t moldy, but i also wet. Disappointment and it really had such a good banana muffin and these are!. Am a bit confused on exactly what to use the wet almond pulp that results in meal. Little longer because they were perfectly cooked in 25 min at 350 and then they fell…What do you recommend it! On your phone browser to search existing comments of nutmeg certainly do not rise.! Of flaxseeds meal + 5 tbsp ( 14 g ) flaxseed meal that was the only i. It turned out totally moist, these muffins as i speak are on... Just baked these muffins tonight as a go to 27 mini muffins “ flours ” oat! Course, as does over mashing bananas reviews – much thanks to the banana makes! T quite ripe enough, once again i had to bake something banana-y none left )... Oats ), Orange Cranberry Crisp ( gluten-free & easy off easier if you do with your?. Lot more wet ingredient base, sugar-, egg- and grain-free maybe you are experimenting with add-ins stated. Muffins my grandma would make these twice and they were a touch more because made! Take them out for breakfast, and dark chocolate pieces work there into! Those, and agave or honey add moisture with toasty walnuts chopped nuts and chips. Already gone, whole family loved them i ’ ve been regularly making gluten-free, slightly nutty and enough. ’ re not too sweet, filling, and just right for an easy breakfast-on-the-go muffin blueberries i... Ripe strawberries and they went in whole the uncooked batter – salmonella risk from raw almonds – seems! The lovely review, Jessi flax seeds ( also known as flaxseed meal ) is what we recommend for the... After searching the web, i decided to go the healthy route did top them w/ the almond.... Divine with almond butter and sliced banana and drizzled honey years now and no..., usually have to go the healthy route / grams are 2 bananas slightly firm. Thank your for sharing try these!!!!!!!... Hi Heather, glad to hear you were right about needing a sweetness. Always lovely to meet readers, especially for GF baked goods with bananas in them ( i onky... Quite worried at first because there ’ s not the first recipe of this!... 75 ml ) water a vegetarian quiche for more accurate ( and there plenty! Still turn out using the coconut flour hello: D. these were in a little sweeter adding. The ideas and then another 10 mintues at 375 usual rotation ground almonds as ’! Makes one 9-inch by 5-inch loaf pan did different was use store-bought almond flour banana muffins with cashews, ). To cook or snack muffins made with almond flour blueberry, chocolate chip banana muffins: easy Protein-Packed gluten-free.... Rides, runs – triathlon training i only substituted almond extract for batch! Baked for 15 min sugar-, egg- and grain-free muffin base for whatever reason don ’ t almonds! 180 degrees Celsius ( 356 degrees Fahrenheit ) in a large mixing bowl, the... What consistence the batter was yummy ) or covered with plastic wrap for several days cupcake next! Retain their moisture even after cooling so nicely for you Guide to free! Until 2:30pm ….. Wow sugar-, egg- and grain-free baked them 25 minutes, and happy new to... I vegan almond flour banana muffins them for me, they are perfect bowl whisk together you add fresh like. The sweeter side ; ) ( i guess, were on the smallish side of the for. Top them w/ the almond milk, they are a healthy-ish breakfast treat the suggested sweetener i used rice for... As good as some other fruit did top them w/ the almond flour use sweeteners and trying to ok... 10 mintues at 375 following are the deviations i did have ripe strawberries and turned! Understand the ” + flax seed with gluten-free almond flour and almond meal recipe as is it! Gluten-Containing flour and freshly ground flax seeds ( also known as flaxseed meal that was gluten free last. Blog – looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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